I Made an Owl

I have this bad habit of deciding I’m going to do a thing that I’ve never done before, and then try to figure out how to do that thing as I go. Sometimes, I make an enormous mess. But sometimes, thing work out.

My coworker and friend was recently promoted. Great for her, but the promotion also meant a relocation out of the state. Since coworker (let’s call her Alice) was a great friend and mentor to many people, I wanted to do something for her. After talking about a couple of ideas with another coworker, “Donna,” we had a plan to make Alice a picture of an owl because Alice loves owls, and have our coworkers sign leaves for her which we would put on the tree upon which our owl would sit.

Donna was great help with the design, but Donna has two jobs, two kids, and couldn’t really help with the execution. So, I made this thing mostly on my own. Had a little help, but mostly I did the work. And the stressing, but in the end, I managed to make something of which I am quite proud.

I started by drawing it out, then used tracing paper to make the templates, then cut them out. I made the whole thing with scrapbooking paper, even the background, and stuck everything together with repositionable scrapbooking glue. That stuff turns ANYTHING into a sticky note, by the way, so now you know in case you ever feel the need to have homemade sticky notes…but you probably should get a hobby or volunteer at the library or something instead. Just my opinion.

The pieces shown in pictures three and four above are only the ones I wound up using. There were other eyebrows and eyelids and wings, and beaks, because I am nothing if not a worry-wart. There were also originally six toes, but I was watching “True Facts About the Owl” and learned that owls are zygodactyl, which means they have two toes in back and two in front, so I had to fix that. Because obviously this is an anatomically-accurate bird (see above: “worry-wart”).

We presented the owl to Alice on her last day in the area, and there were tears and thanks and a lovely send off. And I did something I’d never done before, so that’s wins all around, I think.


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